Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring the success of an event. If you've volunteered at 100's of events or never volunteered at an event we still need your help. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Depending on the nature of the event, certain perks or benefits may be available, however all volunteers will at least get free entry to the event, a shirt, food vouchers, and a great experience. If you are interested in volunteering at a USDrift event, please email us at info[at]usdrift.com.

USDrift provides companies the opportunity to have their brand portrayed positively and effectively through our sponsorship program. We provide sponsors the perfect angle to gain maximum market penetration in the sport through our grassroots program helping you maintain a strong brand loyalty among drivers and audiences. With a grassroots format, the interaction between the sport and the audience is more suitable to each other than many other motorsports. The open service pits allow spectators to interact with the vehicles, sponsors, and drivers on a personal and meaningful level. This ability allows sponsors and teams to promote and demonstrate their products and services to their target market in a setting many are not accustomed to in other industries. Many of our previous drivers have progressed in skill level gaining them national attention, and as a result continued their relationship with their initiral sponsors who helped make it possible.

Sponsoring a USDrift event is an effective way to show support of drifting and advertise your business. USDrift's marketing partnership program offers several different levels of exposure to suit your company's needs, demographics, and budget. USDrift is willing to create a custom marketing partnership should your company require one to better suit your needs. For additional information about sponsoring USDrift, please contact us at info[at]usdrift.com