The 2016 USDrift PRO/AM Series is pleased to invite qualified working media professionals from automotive, consumer, and trade news organizations and similar outlets to submit a Media Credential Application (MCA)*. In addition, if you are one of the following: editor, reporter, staff writer, freelance writer/photographer on assignment, producer, or publisher, you may be eligible to qualify for a media credential. Team and sponsor MCA’s will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Please note, prior approval of a MCA to a previous USD event does not guarantee or imply approval for future USD events. USD requests and confirms editorial positions, letters of assignment, and web analytics for each credential requested. Media credentials will not be issued to the following representatives, and therefore those individuals will need to purchase a ticket to the event: advertising sales representatives, freelance writer/photographer not on assignment, spouses and other guests of working media not directly related to aiding their work, and marketing or public relations representatives.

USD reserves the right to approve or deny all MCA’s at their sole discretion. USD reserves the right to modify the MCA requirements at any time without notice. In addition, USD reserves the right to terminate or revoke any approved media credential at any time at their sole discretion. Please fill out all fields and attach any additional information pertinent to the application. The entire application must be completed and received by USDrift (USD) at least one (1) week prior to the first event in which the application is being requested for.

*Some browsers do not support the use of forms, if that is the case; please save it to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader, fill it out, save it again, and then attach it to an email and submit it to info[at]